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What is the Mind-Body Collective?


 The Mind-Body Collective is the divine spiritual feminine community for women who want to learn, grow & feel supported in a safe container. 


If you resonate with Embodiment, Expression, Sacredness, and Intuition, then the Mind-Body Collective is the place for you. 


Every month we have 2 live virtual calls:


1- The Goddess Circle where we will be sharing topics around Spiritual Weight loss, Holistic Health, Food Energetics, Manifestation, Healing the Sister wound/ Mother Wound/Partner Wound, Opening your throat chakra, Twin Flames, and more.


2- Healing or Rituals for the Collective, which consists of 30 minutes of receiving Energy Healing or Ritual, as well as card pulling at the end to ensure messages are delivered to enhance the Collective. 

What You'll Also Get:

  • Private community forum of likeminded souls who truly GET you

  • Spiritual Weight Loss Guides and Video Trainings

  • Manifestation Guides & Video Trainings

  • Mindset and Brain Rewiring Guides & Video Trainings

  • Intuition Guides & Video Trainings

  • Regular Energy Updates

  • Exclusive Intuitive Messages

  • Health & Wellness Information, Protocols, Guides

Doors are closed until we open again in October of 2022.


Join the waitlist below to be the first to know when the opportunity to join our sacred Collective.