Answer each question according to what has been true for you throughout your life.

Question 1 of 18

Describe your body frame:

Question 2 of 18

What’s your skin like?

Question 3 of 18

What are your teeth like?

Question 4 of 18

How is your appetite?

Question 5 of 18

Tell me about your hair

Question 6 of 18

Tell me about your height

Question 7 of 18

Throughout my life, my body temperature has tended to be…

Question 8 of 18

I have to ask you. How are your Bowel Movements?

Question 9 of 18

How is your digestion?

Question 10 of 18

How is your memory?

Question 11 of 18

How is your lifestyle?

Question 12 of 18

What is your personality like?

Question 13 of 18

I tend to…

Question 14 of 18

I tend to…

Question 15 of 18

What are you like under Stress?

Question 16 of 18

What kind of activity do you enjoy?

Question 17 of 18

How would you describe your way of faith or spirituality?

Question 18 of 18

How is your relationship with money?

My goal is to help people find balance with their unique body type through a nourishing diet & healthy lifestyle. By working with me you will discover the healing power of  food and herbs and how to intuitively eat according to your nature.

I offer bodywork sessions. I love working with people who are seeking to improve their health with massage as it has many benefits for our well being. The body holds our tensions, stress and deep-rooted emotions and if we ignore it, pain will arise to let us know that something is out of balance.

 I am here to facilitate the healing process.


Follow me through my journey and discover ways to nourish & heal your body, mind and soul. I blog about recipes, natural remedies and motherhood. I hope you will find this entertaining and educational and I hope we will continue this journey together.


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