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Your step-by-step guide for Empaths to activate healing in every area of their life.

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​Do you feel constantly burned out, or like the life you’ve worked so hard to

build isn’t making you happy?


Have you spent years pleasing everyone else, leaving you to feel disconnected from your true self?

Is it hard for you to protect your energy? 

What if it didn't have to be so hard?

You can heal from anything despite what you have been true so that you can live your best life

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You might be wondering, “If that’s really true, then why has it felt almost impossible to achieve true happiness and self-connection?”


It all comes down to understanding energies, trusting your intuition,  protecting your energy  & shifting limiting, subconscious beliefs so you can fully align with the frequency of your most authentic self. 

 The key to experiencing true happiness is aligning ourselves with your higher self, not bogged down by old patterns, excuses, fears or painful emotional blocks.

The TRUTH is 

You’re here because you’re ready to heal...


From toxic patterns that are keeping you stuck in the same cycle

From traumas trapped in the body feel like you’ve already tried everything to get what you want.

You‘ve gone the therapist route or the hypnotherapy route.  Maybe you’ve tried to meditate daily. You’ve worked your butt off trying to find the solution to get rid of this physical and emotional pain that seems to be forever lying on your shoulders. 

Healing Stones

To live your best life you need intention, a strategy, and supportive guidance.

Wheat Field
This is exactly why I created the Empath Survival Course - to help you balance your physical emotions, protect your energy, and release trapped emotions and traumas to finally feel connected, whole, and happy.


BE free, BE authentic



This course will share all of the tips and practices that I have personally used to break free from toxic patterns, and step into my power in all areas of my life. 

This course is set up in an easy-to-follow, self-paced format.

  • LIFETIME access to the course and all of the materials included, so you can reference them whenever you need to!

  • Journal prompts and actionable steps to go along with each lesson plan, to help you fully integrate it into your daily life

  • An in-depth Meditation (that you can use whenever you want) to help align your energy to your most authentic self

  • ​​Video lessons to watch at your own pace



  • Intro- Good/ Dark Side of Being an Empath

  • How to cope with being an Empath

  • Understanding energies

  • Boundaries

  • Protection

  • Tools to restore your energy

  • How diet plays a role in energy

  • How to control & cope with your emotions

  • How to develop your Intuition

  • Strategy to detach yourself from a narcissist


  • How to raise an Empath Child

  • Empathic Shield

  • Grounding Meditation

Endless support and abundance are ready for you - ready to receive it?


you are getting $500+ of value

$400 value

video training


How to raise an empath child training video

powerful activations


to the content

But that is not what you will pay today.


Wheat Field
This course is exactly what you need if:


  • You’re willing to detox what’s no longer serving you to make space for what you do want.

  • You’re tired of carrying generational traumas and ready to release them.

  • You identify as an Empath. 

  • You’re ready to activate your inner warrior and priest/priestess.

  • You’re eager to connect and listen to your intuition.

  • You’re carrying guilt, shame, anger, and more. 

  • You’re sick of being addicted to the struggle.

  • You want to meet like-minded people.

  • You feel emotionally stuck.


My session with Sara far exceeded my expectations for the hour we spent together — I was reverberating for days afterwards with new freedom in my mind and heart. This is the first time I have been able to access such depth and insight in such a short time. Sara's calm and encouraging energy allowed me to fully relax, release, and dive deep. Issues that have remained unresolved in my life for years now feel much lighter and relationships I've struggled to heal feel much more peaceful. I highly recommend working with Sara if you feel stuck or stagnant in any way. She will unlock your potential to heal from the inside.

Vanessa~ Yoga Teacher

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