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Speaker/Healer Costs

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Cost Outline:


Healer Costs

2-hour Group Soul Activation Healing

  • USD $ 777 - max 16 people (ideal group size 12)

  • (2 Sessions minimum for travel outside California)

2-hour 1:1 Soul Activation Healing

  • USD $ 600

  • The schedule of sessions must be discussed before arriving to the destination.

  • (2 Sessions minimum for travel outside California)

VIP Package

  •  A 3-day 1:1 customized experience with Sara to heal at a deep cellular level. 

  •  Think about it as a personal retreat from the comfort of your home. 

           The VIP Package includes:

  •  In-depth consultation with Sara about your goals and intentions. 

  •  Sara will travel to you according to the discussed travel plan (read     below the cost to cover for Sara).

  •   Sara will schedule 2 healing sessions/classes per day  + 2 live cooking classes from the comfort of your home. 

  •   Integration notes, journaling prompts, and meditation included.

       The start-up cost is USD 5,000 (+ travel costs to be covered). If interested in an individualized treatment plan & and soul healing journey, please get in touch with Sara at


Costs below to be covered 


• Flights inbound and outbound 

• Food

• Accommodation 

• Airport Transfers ( both ways) 


- Host/Client can book discussed flights to and from the destination. Or Sara can book flights and send an invoice. 

- Flight invoice to be paid before the start day. 

- Once the schedule/timetable is confirmed, 30% of the total payment must be paid to secure booking, and  100% of the payment must be paid before Sara's flight departure to destination. 


Any questions please:


Speaker Cost

If you are a business and or an event host and would like Sara to speak

at your event, please contact Sara at with any details relevant to the event. 

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