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Premium Healing

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Sara is available for private 1 – 1 premium healing. This is a 3 day private 1:1 retreat & energetic journey.


This personal opportunity is limited to only a few individuals and designed specifically for those achievers who have reached high levels of success in their lives but who are aware that there are still blocks to overcome as they endeavour to step into their highest potential. Leaders who still have so much more to give but are disconnected from their body and Higher Self and are desiring guidance on their journey to help them impact the world in a bigger and more meaningful way.

3 Day- Private Retreat 

3 Day Unlimited Healing 

Holistic Meals Customized For You

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Thank you. That was honestly the best weekend of my life. You are the real deal. I am finally back in my body!

Jackie D.

           The VIP Package includes:

  • In-depth consultation with Sara about your goals and intentions. 

  • Sara will travel to you according to the discussed travel plan (read below the cost to cover for Sara).

  • Sara will create meals, healing sessions, and activities customized and tailored to your journey.

  • Integration notes, journaling prompts, and meditation included.       


Costs below to be covered  + Healer Fees


• Flights inbound and outbound 

• Food

• Accommodation 

• Airport Transfers ( both ways) 


- Host/Client can book discussed flights to and from the destination. Or Sara can book flights and send an invoice. 

- Flight invoice to be paid before the start day. 

- Once the schedule/timetable is confirmed, 30% of the total payment must be paid to secure booking, and  100% of the payment must be paid before Sara's flight departure to destination. 


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