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for Mind, Body & Soul

gluten & dairy free



A cookbook like never before—written by Italian-born, Ayurveda-studied, Sara Garofalo. This cookbook highlights the philosophy of ITA-VEDA, a cross-cultural blend of Italian and Ayurvedic cooking. Italian cuisine is steeped in a rich cultural identity, with family, community and the notion that “food is pleasure” being front and center. Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old medical system originating in India, focuses on using food, herbs, tastes and spices to bring balance to the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Mangia bridges the gap and provides ancient recipes for the modern day family who value community, nutrition, food, spirituality, longevity and so much more.


Food is pleasure. Food is medicine. Food brings community together.


1) I want to eat healthy but healthy is boring

Mangia is gut-friendly but also pleasurable for the soul. As a natural-born Italian, I know a thing or two about good taste.

2) I want to eat with pleasure but don't want to gain weight

Oh, I know! The recipes in Mangia are designed to help you create a healthy lifestyle while maintaining your figure!

3) I want to try Ayurvedic food, but I am worried the spices will be too much for me

I totally feel you, but each recipe blends a unique delicate, and balanced taste that will be absolutely delicious to the palate.

4) The book seems cool, but I don't have time to cook

I have been there many times, and as Health Coach, Mom, and Chef, I designed most recipes to be simple, quick, and delicious.


5) I love recipe books, but my kids won't eat anything of what I cook unless it's mac and cheese

Don't worry! my kids approved pretty much all the recipes in this book! It is kid approved!


6) What makes the cookbook different?

I created the Ita-Veda approach for you to understand that food can be medicine and pleasure.


This is where wellness meets pleasure.

And it goes beyond recipes

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Sara Garofalo is an Author, Certified Intuitive Health and Life Coach, Energy Healer, and Ayurveda Counselor. Sara helps unleash your own healing power through food, pleasure, and self-love. Sara’s work is based on the belief that all humans are innately intuitive. Her food, recipes, intuitive healing sessions, and coaching programs serve as a vessel to connect people back to their God-given gifts. Sara lives in San Luis Obispo, California, with her two young children and enjoys spending her weekend by the beach or in nature, where she can connect with her soul.

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