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& Intuition Development

Are you looking to get the breakthroughs and insights you need to evolve at a soul level?


Are you looking to get in touch with your Intuition?


Are you going through a transitional time in your life?


Are you going through a Spiritual Awakening?

Your Soul brought you here for a reason…

There are two reasons why you are here: 


You are starting to understand there is an energy far beyond what you see and you need a guide to teach you and walk this process with you.




You already are somewhat spiritual, and you  are wanting to deepen your understanding and connection with self and the Universe. 



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Here is why you would seek transformational soul coaching...

  • You may feel lost and stuck and you are seeking ongoing support on your path during a significant turning point of your life.  

  • You may feel isolated or not know where to start to shift your life and answer your true soul purpose or even understand what it is.

  • You have some personal work you need to do but don’t know where to start or how; you don’t feel that speech therapy is necessarily taking you to the next level.

  • You want someone who is NOT going to impose a set formula but meet you exactly where you are and lead you  to where your soul wants to go. 


  • You are a healer yourself, a community or spiritual leader looking for someone who has an international experience in mentoring leaders from all walks in life. 

  • Your Soul is ready to realign and evolve.

Here is the thing..

I believe...

  • You have sacred wisdom that is ready to be acknowledged and revered.

  • Your Soul deserves to be listened to and shine loud and bright.

  • When you access your power and understand to work with your energy and the Universe, you will see an amplification of your business/job and personal dreams in your life. 

Why Sara?

Sara Garofalo, founder of Love Holistic Living,  is a certified Intuitive Health and Life Coach, Author, Energy Healer, and Ayurveda Counselor, helping women and men reconnect with their body & intuition to lead with the heart. 


Sara channels her deep Italian roots in her new cookbook Mangia and blends the ancient Italian and Ayurvedic cultures to support mind, body, and soul healing.


Sara has led women and men all over the US in their spiritual and empowerment journey to reconnect with their higher selves and intuition.


This is a sacred yet non-religious and non-denominational space I offer to men and women who are ready to take their life to the next level. 


** Get Exclusive Access To Sara**

Commitment of  at least 3 months

Book a free call to see If you & Sara are an energetic match to work together.

What you'll get:

  • 4 hours of private sessions per month with Sara 

  • Unlimited text & email support

  • Your questions answered, and your situation spoken into.

  • Spiritual Life guidance and tools to train your intuition and connect deeply with your soul and Spirit Guides.

  • Channeling/Healing Sessions

  • Past Life Regression(s)

  • Chakra Healing

  • Psychic Reading

  • Copy of my book for first-time clients

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Book a call to see If you & Sara are an energetic match to work together.

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