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5 Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks require some planning. To manage your hunger, I put together this video of my all-time favorite Healthy Snacks.

In this video,I’ve mainly included homemade healthy snacks for when you have time to plan for you and your kids (because let's be real- being a mom- I am always thinking about what food to prepare for them first).

Whether you’re looking for a healthy snack for you, a healthy snack for kids, or even a healthy snack for weight loss, this video will have the snacks that fit your and your family's needs! First, it’s important to know what to look for in a healthy snack and to think about how snacks typically fit into your daily routine. For example, I always carry with me a lunch box. Perishable or not I like my food to stay fresh and cool. Have a hard workout planned?

You might want something more substantial than the snacks I will be listing.

If you typically eat your snacks on-the-go, then you’ll want to find something quick, easy, and portable. No matter whether you have a little or a lot of time for snacking, there’s a healthy snack idea to fit your schedule. What to Look For in Healthy Snacks

- Added Sugars. Added sugars taste great in the moment (looking at you, shiny wrapped granola bar) but can cause a sugar crash. The recipe I am sharing with you in my video of my Spirulina Protein Balls contains only clean ingredients with mainly dates as your source of sugar.

- Protein. Look for ingredients like whey and pea proteins.

- Keep Calorie Count Reasonable For Your Diet. Unless a snack is really replacing a meal, make sure that the calorie content is reasonable for your needs (for me, that means a granola bar that’s 200ish calories or less). T

- Avoid Highly Processed Food and Fast Food When Possible. The best granola bars are the ones with few ingredients that I can actually read! Now, let’s talk about my 5 favorite healthy snacks in this video!

  • Spirulina Protein Balls. My secret healthy weapon to fight the mid-morning hunger.

  • Fruit & Nut Butter. One of my favorite ways to ensure I’m eating a healthy snack is to stick to whole, nutrient-rich foods like fruit. I love pairing apples or bananas with peanut butter or almond butter to make them more filling.

  • Veggie & Hummus. Another one of my favorite ways to ensure I'm introducing enough vegges throughout my day.

  • Avocado Toast. Snack and/or Breakfast. This is always my win-win combination: Light, filling and nourishing.

  • Yogurt and Granola. This yummy combination isn’t just for breakfast. Yogurt and granola make a protein-packed, filling snack. Avoid yogurt with added sugars or artificial sweeteners if possible. I like to purchase plain yogurt, then sweeten it myself with maple syrup or honey.


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