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Discover Peace, Fulfillment & Freedom

Hi, I'm Sara.
If you feel lost & stuck, I am here to help. 


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It's my mission to help you reconnect with who you are & live a fulfilling life

I was my own first student. Navigating toxic body & relationship cycles & self-acceptance, I strengthened my spiritual connection—one day at a time—and developed methods to create a life greater than I could have imagined.




Lost in your life 

Disconnected from your authentic self

Stuck through unhealthy modes of thinking, poor relationship patterns, or destructive habits.

Tired of talking about your problems but ready to shift fast at a cellular level



​Reconnect with yourself & the Universe​


Find happiness & self-acceptance from the inside out


Break toxic cycles of guilt, shame, people-pleasing tendencies and unhealthy relationships


Receive transformational tools & guidance to support your self-discovery journey ​​​​​​​​


Barb B., Ph.D., Educational Consultant

Working with Sara is the REAL deal. Her emphasis on mindset, stress, and gut health with change your life. I have always thought that I did not have the genes or body type to look fit. Sara will help you reflect on who you are and who you want to be in life. The best thing that I learned is that I can and want to eat clean and have time for me, and now I do! All my family and friends have noticed how much happier I am and I feel great! Don't miss the opportunity to work with Sara. She is such an amazing life coach!


Michelle, Executive Assistant & Personal Manager

I can't thank you enough for the healing that has taken place in my life. We started working together to break toxic love patterns, and after less than one year, I found true love. I also can't express how amazed I was to wake up after a healing session without pain in my hands and being able to be in my body is priceless. 


Susan B., Professional Artist

Bless you, Sara!

You are alchemy to this planet, and hard not to want to share you with everyone! I was able to recall my power back and establish good boundaries in my life, learn to protect my energy and expand my intuitive gifts.

Your gifts are amazing!


With Lifetime Access, we help you release, activate and embody the new frequency of Alignment 
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1-on-1 Coaching

Leverage our 5+ years of experience serving 100+ happy clients. We've seen every challenge and peculiarity your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being could face, and we’ll help you through your healing journey.

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Connect You with You & You with the Universe

Our goal is to lead YOU into a deeper connection with God/ Divinity/ Universe/ Source and help you find the answers that are already within you!

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Release Trauma Stored  in the Body and Blocks

 that are stopping you from experiencing more abundance, healthy relationships, happiness, and health through a customized and curated experience.



a health cookbook for mind, body & soul
gluten-free, dairy-free

A cookbook like never before—written by Italian-born, Ayurveda-studied, Sara Garofalo. This cookbook highlights the philosophy of ITA-VEDA, a cross-cultural blend of Italian and Ayurvedic cooking. Italian cuisine is steeped in a rich cultural identity, with family, community and the notion that “food is pleasure” being front and center.

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Listen to the 
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About Sara

Highly Qualified, Best Rated on Google Reviews

Sara is an Italian Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Healer, and best-selling Author. She is your guide to creating a better life, helping you connect deeper with your true self, enhance your intuition, and connect with the Universe.

She has worked with countless CEOs, founders, influencers, and professionals looking to manage their energy, find full alignment, experience happiness, and create freedom in their lives.

She is profoundly clairvoyant and she works with her Spirit Team to guide you back to your authentic self, & release any blocks that are stopping you from experiencing a fulfilling life and healthy relationships.


Sara also loves creating luxury culinary and spiritual retreats in Italy (her homeland) and CA, where she currently lives with her two young children.

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